Anti Ageing Natural Raw Materials

Asta Technologies manufactures unique natural polysaccharides. The ability of the skin to naturally retain water and hydrate depends on polysaccharides, which are also important for skin repair and renewal.

The loss of skin elasticity, which manifests as dry skin, and the development of wrinkles and lines are caused by damage to the protective barrier of the skin leading to dehydration, and natural decrease in polysaccharide concentration in the skin.

The Natural Sulfated Polysaccharides of Asta Technologies are the necessary ingredients for retaining skin elasticity and repairing damaged skin.

The excellent hydration capabilities of sulfated polysaccharides make them natural moisturizers of the skin. In addition, by inhibiting enzymes that are involved in the degradation process of the skin, the Natural Sulfated Polysaccharides act as important anti ageing active ingredients.



























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Natural Sulfated Polysaccarides - NSPS I

Natural Sulfated Polysaccarides - NSPS III

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